As a result of my one-on-one coaching, individuals are able to push past their obstacles where they would normally stop. Together, we create the greatness in their lives that they’ve been looking for, we eliminate the limiting beliefs that have been holding them back, and they experience more joy, harmony, and happiness. I’m looking for individuals who are ready to be coached to their next level of abundance. I’m looking for individuals who are ready to step into their greatness, and they need a coach who will help them  get there. Who do you know?

1). What does a session look like?

– We discuss your needs, and through active and intuitive listening, and asking relevant questions, together we can map out the best direction for your life moving forward.

– Session are tailored toward individual needs, they are completely confidential, and each session builds off the previous session.

2). How long are the sessions?

– Sessions are one hour long. However, clients are not rushed during the sessions. Clients will be able to express their thoughts completely. Each session will be focused with a game plan to keep moving forward in their new life.

3). How many sessions do I need?

– Ongoing coaching is beneficial. The number of sessions depends on the individual’s needs, and their ability to put maximum effort to achieve massive success. Sessions can be weekly, biweekly, and monthly. For new clients, 8 to 12 weeks sessions are recommended in the beginning.

4). Where is the session held?

– Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sessions  are held by phone, Skye, WhatsApp, and Zoom.

5). Who do you work with?

– I work with primarily with people who have a strong desire to improve their life. Individuals who want my help, who have the desire, and determination to do the self-work.  I am available to help individuals ages 16 and older.

6). What is the 5 Keys Assessment Tool?

– The 5 Keys Assessment Tool is a questionnaire that provides us with insight into the client’s patterns, increases self-awareness, and shows us areas of your life that needs improvement to be successful. This assessment tool can be used as a guide to help client’s change their life.

7). Can I take the 5 Keys Assessment if I’m not ready for coaching?

– Yes, the assessment is available online. You will receive an email copy after completion. I will also keep a copy on file to use once the client is ready for my service. This will also reduce redundancy.

8). How do I schedule a session?

– Fill out my contact form here. I will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions and to schedule our first session.

9). How do I pay?

– Payment is taken to each session through PayPal or credit card online. Cancellation Policy: you will be charged for a missed session if you do not notify me via email within 24 hours of our scheduled time.